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1957 Corvette in Venetian Red 1957 Corvette Brochure Illustration
1957 Corvette Fuel Injection

GM brochure courtesy Skip Marketti of The Nethercutt Collection

Chevrolet pulled something amazing out of the hat for 1957: Fuel Injection. First run in 1956 at the Sebring race, the Rochester Ramjet injection was an answer to Mercedes-Benz which featured fuel injection in the 1954 300SL. The innovation solved a fuel starvation problem caused by sloshing while cornering with carbureted engines under race conditions. The fuel injection system, displayed in a cutaway drawing to the left, also enabled Chevrolet to boast of 1 hp per cubic inch of displacement with the 283 cu. in., 283 hp engine.

To keep this development in perspective, consider this. Almost all of the high priced supposedly advanced competition -- including Jaguar, Porsche, Ferrari and Lamborghini -- did not go with fuel injection until the 1970s or later.

The new system was complex and costly however. At $484.20, the one option added over 15% of the price of an entire Corvette. Buyers found it irresistible however, with 1,040 checking the box on the order form. The complexity also resulted in a high maintenance reputation.

Those with a solid background in the technology defend the fuel injection concept. The problem, according to one expert, is when people who work on them think of them as a carburetor. They also insist that once properly set up, they stay that way for a long time.

Not up for debate is the way the market treats fuel injected Corvettes of the era. Corvette enthusiasts went for it in a big way in 1957 and more so 60 years later as a collectable; the price premium for a "Fuelie" as they are often called is significantly higher than their more mundane carbureted cousins.

Classic David Kimble cutaway illustration of the Corvette fuel injected motor Classic David Kimble cutaway illustration of the Corvette fuel injected motor. It was available in 250 hp and 283 hp configurations.
Corvette Fuel Injection Corvette Fuel Injection

Above left: Fuel Injection as installed in an early Corvette; Right: Later Fuel Injection system on display.

Corvette Fuel Injection Fender Script
1957 and subsequent Corvettes proudly wore their new technological identities on the front fenders (above) and trunk lids (below).
Corvette Fuel Injection Trunk Script

1957 Corvette For Sale

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1957 Corvette four speed transmission There was more good go-fast news for Corvette buyers in 1957. Just south of the clutch, a new four speed manual transmission became available as of April 9, 1957. 664 1957 Corvettes were so equipped at an extra cost of $188.30. Special four speeds had been installed in some race cars, so apparently the "More is Better" philosophy applied.

Also available in 1957: Code 684, a racing suspension intended for serious racers. The cost was $780.10 and was installed on only 51 Corvettes in 1957.

Old Boy ad pointing out that the Corvette could competete with the imports The marketing people had started to become aggressive with the competition. This was the start of a series of ads that continued for many years, pointing out that the imports did not entirely own the sports car world.
1957 Corvette in Aztec Copper

1957 Corvette Specs

Body Specs

Wheelbase 102 inches
Front Track 57.00 inches
Rear Track 59.00 inches
Length 168.0 inches
Width 70.5 inches
Front Overhang 24.7 inches
Rear Overhang 41.4 inches
Height (at Windshield) 51.1 inches (52.0 unloaded)
Hood Opening Front (reverse alligator)
Finish (paint type) Lacquer
Turning Circle 36.55 feet (right); 36.93 feet (left)
Steering ratio 16:1
Tire Size 6.70-15 4 Ply Rating
Axle Ratio 3.70:1; Optional: 4.11:1, 4.56:1
Automatic: 3.55:1


Shipping - Powerglide (Automatic) Transmission 2,796 lb.
Curb - Powerglide (Automatic) Transmission
Shipping + fuel (107 lb.), water (38 lb.)
2,941 lb.
Loaded - Powerglide (Automatic) Transmission
(Two Passengers @ 150 lb. each)
3,241 lb.
Shipping - Three Speed (standard) Transmission 2,704 lb.
Curb - Three Speed (standard) Transmission
Shipping + fuel (107 lb.), water (38 lb.)
2,849 lb.
Loaded - Three Speed (standard) Transmission
(Two Passengers @ 150 lb. each)
3,149 lb.
Optional Hard Top 55 lb.

Engine Specs

Type: V8
Valve Location: In Head
Bore / Stroke: 3.750" / 3.00"
Displacement: 265 Cubic Inches
Compression Ratio: 9.25 : 1
Crankshaft Material: Drop Forged Steel
Crankshaft Weight: 47.75 lbs.
Piston Weight: 18.77 oz.
Recommended Idle: 425 (In Drive)
Camshaft Material: Cast Alloy Iron
Oil Pump Type: Gear
Normal Oil Pressure 30 psi @ 1170 - 1200 RPM
Oil Pressure Gauge Electric
Crankcase Oil Capacity (less filter) 5 Quarts
Recommended Oil Grade Above 32°: SAE 20W or SAE 20
To 0°: SAE 10W
Below 0°: SAE 5W or SAE 5W-20
Fuel Tank 16.4 Gallons
Fuel Filter Strainer
Fuel Pump Mechanical
Fuel Pressure 4¾ - 5½ psi
Carburetor Carter WCFB 2366SA
Optional dual four barrel carburetors Code 469
Carter WCFB 2419S (front) / WCFB 2362S (rear)
Cooling System Capacity (without heater) 16 Quarts
Cooling System Capacity 17 Quarts (with heater)
16 Quarts (without heater)
Radiator Cap Relief Pressure 6 ¼ - 7 ½ PSI
Thermostat Type Choke
Thermostat Opening 160° F
Battery Delco 2 S1r 53-W (12 volt, nine plate)
53 Amp-hour @ 20 hour rate

Standard Engine 220 hp @ 4,600 RPM;
Torque: 300 lb-ft @ 3,000 RPM
Code 469A 245 hp @ 5,000 RPM;
Torque: 300 ft-lb. @ 3,800 RPM
Code 469C 270 hp @ 6,000 RPM;
Torque: 285 lb-ft @ 4,200 RPM
Code 579A Fuel Injection 250 hp @ 5,000 RPM;
Torque: 305 lb-ft @ 3,800 RPM
Code 579B 283 hp @ 6,200 RPM;
Torque: 290 lb-ft

Fuel Injection
Manufacturer Rochester Products
Model 7014520
Model 7014360 (Code 579B, 283 hp)
Recommended Fuel Premium
Fuel Pump Mechanical
Fuel Pressure 4 ¾ - 5 ½ PSI
Inlet Manifold Cast Aluminum
Air Cleaner Type Dry
Air Meter Location Engine Left Side
Plenum Chamber Integral With Inlet Manifold
Ram Pipe Length 12 Inches
Fuel Induction Metered as Function of Air Flow
Air / Fuel Ratio Control Vacuum Sensitive Diaphragm Located on Air Flow Meter
Fuel Cut Off Control Vacuum Sensitive Diaphragm Located Above Air Flow Meter
Fuel Meter Pump Type Gear
Fuel Meter Pump Location In Fuel Meter Assembly
Fuel Meter Pump Drive Gear Driven by Flexible Shaft From Distributor
Fuel Meter Pump Pressure 300 PSI
Injection Nozzles Quantity 8
Injection Nozzles Material Brass
Injection Nozzles Location Mounted on Inlet Manifold Above Intake Ports
Injection Nozzles Orifice Size - Fuel .011
Injection Nozzles Insulation Bakelite
Automatic Choke Type Electric, Time Temperature Type
Automatic Choke Location On Air Meter Assembly
Automatic Choke Current Draw Low
Automatic Choke Fast Idle Cam Yes

Ignition System
Coil Delco-Remy 1115091 (FI Engines: 11151007)
Coil current rating 4 amps (engine stopped)
1.8 amps (engine running)
Breaker Gap .018"
Ignition Timing 4° BTDC @ idle
Ignition Timing Centrifugal Advance 20 ° @ 1,850 RPM
Ignition Timing Vacuum Advance None
Spark Plug AC 44
Spark Plug Thread 14 mm.
Spark Plug Torque 20 - 25 lb.-ft.
Spark Plug Gap .033" - .038"
Firing Order 1-8-4-3-6-5-7-2

1957 Corvette Options, Prices

Code Description Production Price
101 Heater 5,373 (84.76%) $118.40
102 AM Radio, Signal Seeking 3,635 (57.34%) $199.10
107 Parking Brake Alarm 1,873 (29.55%) $5.40
108 Courtesy Lights 2,489 (39.26%) $8.65
109 Windshield Washers 2,555 (40.31%) $11.85
276 Wheels, 15x5.5 (5) 51 (0.80%) $15.10
290 Whitewall Tires, 6.70x15 5,019 (79.18%) $31.60
303 3-Speed Manual Transmission 4,282 (67.55%) n/a
313 Powerglide Automatic Transmission 1,393 (21.98%) $188.30
419 Auxiliary Hardtop 4,055 (63.97%) $215.20
426 Power Windows 379 (5.98%) $59.20
440 Two-Tone Paint Combination 2,794 (44.08%) $19.40
469A 283 cu. in. 245hp Engine two 4 bbl. carburetors 2,045 (32.26%) $150.65
469C 283 cu. in. 270 hp Engine two 4 bbl. carburetors 1,621 (25.57%) $182.95
473 Power Operated Folding Top 1,336 (21.08%) $139.90
579A 283 cu. in. 250 hp fuel injected Engine 182 (2.87%) $484.20
579B 283 cu. in. 283.hp fuel injected Engine 713 (11.25%) $484.20
579C 283 cu. in. 250 hp fuel injected Engine 102 (1.61%) $484.20
579E 283 cu. in. 283 hp fuel injected Engine 43 (0.68%) $726.30
677 Positraction Rear Axle, 3.70:1 327 (5.16%) $48.45
678 Positraction Rear Axle, 411:1 1,772 (27.95%) $48.45
679 Positraction Rear Axle, 4.56:1 n/a $48.45
684 Heavy Duty Racing Suspension 51 (0.80%) $780.10
685 4-Speed Manual Transmission 664 (10.47%) $188.30

Total Production: 6,339
Convertible: 6,339 (100.00%)

Notes: Base Corvette with 283 cu. in. 220 hp engine and three speed manual transmission: $3,176.32


Code Exterior Quantity Interior Soft Top Wheels
Onyx Black 2,189 (34.53%) Beige / Red Beige / Black / White Black
Aztec Copper 452 (7.13%) Beige Beige / White Copper
Cascade Green 550 (8.68%) Beige Beige / Black / White Green
Arctic Blue 487 (7.68%) Beige / Red Beige / Black / White Blue
Venetian Red 1,320 (20.82%) Beige / Red Beige / Black / White Red
Polo White 1,273 (20.08%) Beige / Red Beige / Black / White Red / Silver
Inca Silver 65 (1.03%) Beige / Red Black / White Silver

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ROB says...
There never was a 283/283. It was based on a new aluminum head w/1.94 & 1.50 valves. Unfortunately only about 2 of every 10 castings were not porous so they were scrapped-but, the casting molds WERE used on the 327 motor until '64 when the 365 & 375 HP motors used the 2.02/1.60 valves.
12th November 2015 11:05am
The Corvette Story says...
The Corvette Black Book lists two 283 cu in, 283 hp Corvette motors for 1957, an RPO 579B (production quantity 713) and an RPO 579D (production quantity 43). Is this not correct?

~paul, WebCars! Webmaster
12th November 2015 10:52pm
Rob says...
Maybe they experimented with some cast iron versions of the 1.94/1.50 heads (this is just a guess on my part) but from what I've read no aluminum heads made it into production.
19th November 2015 9:09pm
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