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Purchasing a Classic Corvette, Part Two

Step One: What floats your boat?

1967 Corvette
C2 Corvettes: 1963 - 1967. The "Mid Years" Corvettes have a lot going for them. Everybody likes the styling which will always be considered distinctive and fresh. The performance is definitely there, even on the mundane standard equipment engines. The later years have the upper hand as disc brakes became standard (starting in 1965) and the big block motors - the source of the Corvette's bad boy reputation - became obtainable. The 1965 model year is of particular interest as that was the only year when both fuel injection and disc brakes were available. Another top contender is the '63 coupe, which, as everyone knows, is famous for its split rear window. Interior room is plentiful and for a car of this vintage long drives are not a problem.
With collector interest high, prices for C2 'vettes will be up there. The more desirable examples are considered blue-chip collectables and as such are good investments.
1954 Corvette 1957 Corvette 1961 Corvette
C1 Corvettes: 1953 - 1962: The C1 Corvettes came in three basic body styles. Left: The 1953 - '55 featured a tail fin with a "rocket" theme. Middle: the 1956, '57 styling is loved by all with a wonderful grill and the exact right amount of chrome. Right: Starting in 1958, the quad headlights of the '58 to '62 completed the C1 styling portfolio.

Classic beauty is the big attraction here. Styling had reached a peak and we may never see their equivalent in a new car showroom again.

1953 - '55 are interesting Corvettes. '53 is especially attractive to collectors because only 300 were made (by far the lowest production for any year Corvette) and only about 225 survive. There is less interest in 1954 Corvettes as production was 3,640 and they still had six cylinder engines; Corvette buyers typically want ground pounding V8s under the hood. The situation changes with the '55 model year as a V8 finally became available and production was limited to 700 examples.

Although they do look good and all indications are that C1 Corvettes will continue to appreciate, they do have their drawbacks. The seating position is poor and while this is not a problem with the occasional boulevard cruise, long trips would become tiresome. The driving "feel" is also not good with the straight axle 'vettes and is more like driving a truck than a sports car. If nimble handling is not one of your priorities and long trips are not a requirement than a C1 Corvette can be an excellent choice.

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The Corvette Storysays...

What sources have you tried in your search?

Do you want a driver, show or concours perfect example>

Price range?

How far are you willing to travel for the right car?


Paul Pollock

WebCars! / Corvette Story Webmaster



Ted Cawkwell(Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada)says...

Good afternoon Jim,

I am trying to find a 1969 corvette couple with the following particulars.

-cortez silver

-black interior (would consider grey or silver)

-4 speed manual

-425 hp tri carbs

-numbers matching

-side pipes

Are you able to help me find this? I can pay cash as soon as we find the car I am looking for.

Many thanks for your support


2023 Corvette
C8 Z06

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