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WebCars! Corvette For Sale Instructions

What about the cost?
Ads in the Corvettes For Sale web site are free. Our time and expenses are paid for by the various advertisers who support the WebCars! web site.

Registration, which is required to place an ad, is simple, straightforward and best of all, free. You will need to make a note of your user id and password as it's required to retrieve messages sent to you by prospective buyers. Click Here to register.

Once you have registered, Click on the "Account" button to go to your account page. Then click on the "Click Here to place an ad" link.

Here are some reference pages to help you sell your Corvette:
General advice and notes on Selling your Corvette.
Classic Corvette Rating System.
Since it's always a good idea to familiarize yourself with the buyers point of view: Classic Corvette Buying tips.
You do not need to register to browse the ads. In some cases however, you will need to register if you want to contact the seller of a particular Corvette.

Placing your ad:
Note that the "Small Description" is limited to 30 characters, so plan accordingly. This description will be part of the ad listings when buyers are searching, so choose your words carefully.

The "Ad" is where you'll put your sales text. There is no limit on the amount of text you can include here, other than it is not a good practice to burden buyers with long-winded or irrelevant descriptions.

For information on how to rate the condition of your car, see our Rating System page.

Always include a correct VIN number. Buyers can use this to further research their purchases.

We recommend that you be realistic with your pricing. "Dream Territory" asking prices are a put-off for buyers who might not contact you even if you are negotiable.

Check the "Trades Considered" box if you are willing to accept other cars as payment or part payment. This will draw more of a response to your ad and you may get offers that include boats, houses and so on. Indicate what sort of trades you might be looking for in your ad text.

OBO is short for "Or Best Offer" and indicates a willingness on your part to negotiate the asking price.

List Email: Checking the "List email for registered users only" box will cause your email address to be included in the full ad, but only if the viewer is registered. This limits your exposure and prevents spam generators from collecting your email addy. If you want all viewers to have access to your email address, click the "List email for all users" box. If "Do not list the email address" is selected, registered users only will be able to contact you via a special message form accessed from a link on your ad. Your telephone number can also be included in the ad text area.

About Posting Photographs:
Up to 19 photos can be included in your ad. The photograph listed as "Main Photo" will be used when the viewer runs a search, so you'll want it to be your best photo.
Only JPEG type photos are acceptable. These are photographs whose file name ends in "jpg" or "jpeg", either upper or lower case. Other file types, such as gif, tiff or bmp are not allowed since they are not suitable. The file size limit is 500 KB., which is quite large. We cannot accommodate larger photos since server space is limited plus the upload times would get excessive. To put this into perspective, 500 KB is the approximate file size for a 2.2 megapixel photo.
The "No Photo" image means that a photo can be uploaded to this area. To upload your photograph, click on "Choose File" and navigate to the photo you want to place in your ad. With the photo file highlighted, click "Choose" or "Open" depending on your computer system. Then click "Submit Photo". After a brief amount of time during which the photo is uploaded, the thumbnail photo will appear. If you decide you don't want that particular photo as part of your ad, you can change it by uploading another photo in it's place.
After uploading, your photos are automatically converted to 800 pixel images which are what your prospective buyers see when they click on a photo to get a larger image. This also means that you are best off uploading photos that have been reduced to 800 pixels, (either the horizontal or vertical dimension, whichever is larger) as doing so will result in shorter upload times.

You have the ability to change your ad at any time. This is useful for price changes, corrections, updates, more or better photographs, etc. Just go to your Account page and click on the "Update" link that corresponds to the ad you want to change.

When your Corvette is no longer available:
Go to your
account page and click on the "Update" link. Towards the bottom of the page you'll see the "Active" and "Not Active" choices. Click "Not Active", then click "Continue" and you're all set.

Questions, Comments, Concerns? Contact Us!

Note: All specifications are subject to change.

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