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Title: Corvette 50th Anniversary
Author: Auto Editors of Consumer Guide
ISBN: 0-7853-7987-8
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This is definitely a coffee table book as the size (not small) would indicate. Although the author listing might indicate it was put together by a committee, the info offered is very good. Photos of a full size four seater C2 are offered, proving we are all fortunate that the idea never made it to the showroom. Reasonably priced.

Title: Corvette Fifty Years
Author: Randy Leffingwell
ISBN: 0-7603-2006-3
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Available in hard cover and paperback, "Corvette Fifty Years" has some of the best 'vette photography you will find anywhere. The race cars are given excellent coverage and here the photos (with David Newhardt) really stand out. The text unfortunately can be uneven when compared to the images.

Title: Corvette Specs: 1984-1996 Models
Author: Mike Antonick
ISBN: 0-933534-51-5
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Concentrates on the C4 Corvette. Written by Mike Antonick, the author of the famed "Corvette Black Book". It has the same feel and contains the same info, with an emphasis on technical changes. Extensive specifications sheets are offered along with excellent technical explanations. Very thorough and necessary reading for owners or potential owners of C4 Corvettes. All photos are black and white, so this is not a coffee table book. Hopefully Mike will publish editions on the other 'Vette generations.

Title: Corvette Sting Ray 1963 - 1967
Author: Mike Mueller
ISBN: 0-87938-788-2
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Great coverage of the mid year Corvettes, including race cars and various prototypes. The Grand Sports chapter is a highlight as are the C1 racing endeavors. Good photography is detracted by the cheap paperback cover; the contents would have been better served with better quality binding and paper

Title: Illustrated Corvette Buyers Guide
Author: Michael Antonick
ISBN: 0-7603-0250-2
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Overview of 1953 - 1997 Corvettes with good practical data for anyone interested in purchasing a classic or near classic Corvette. Details regarding options are available along with practical advice re: living with a given model. Investment grade rating system is offered. The only criticism is that since the last printing was 1997, some of the information is out of date.

Title: Corvette Illustrated Encyclopedia
Author: Tom Benford
ISBN: 0-8376-0928-3
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The Corvette Illustrated Encyclopedia is 314 pages of definitions, all high quality and well written. Corvette personalities are nicely covered amongst the 700+ listings. Although Corvette is the focus, the same book would serve well as a general automotive reference.

Title: Corvette American Legend The Beginning
Author: Noland Adams
ISBN: 1-880524-20-1
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Noland Adams is one of the most respected Corvette authorities and is known for his thorough expertise in solid axle Corvettes. "The Beginning" portion of the title is taken seriously as there is excellent coverage of the influences that preceded the 1953 Corvette. The story is told mainly via photographs which include extensive coverage of the fiberglass process. A fascinating look at the earliest years.

Title: Corvette Milestones
Author: Mike Mueller
ISBN: 0-7603-0095-X
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Nice, but brief overview of Corvette progress ending with the 1996 Grand Sport model. Very good photography accompanies the technical explanations.

Title: All Corvettes Are Red
Author: James Schefter
ISBN: 0-671-68501-5
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An in depth look at how the C5 Corvette was developed. Author James Schefter was given unprecedented access to the process and was there at each agonizing and difficult step of the way. After reading "All Corvettes Are Red" C5 owners will look at their cars with newfound respect. An important book not only for Corvette fans but students of modern industry.

Title: Corvette Odyssey: The True Story of One Man's Path to Roadster Redemption
Author: Terry Berkson
ISBN: 1-59228-790-5
Available from Amazon

If owning a 1963 convertible is a car enthusiast\'s dream, then having it stolen is the ultimate nightmare. "Corvette Odyssey", is a testimony of a Corvette owner's dedication and a great read. Highly recommended as well as reasonably priced, "Corvette Odyssey" is available directly from the author. For a custom signed book (up to 20 words) send check or M.O. for $8, (postage included) to TerryBerkson@aol.com

Title: Corvette Black Book
Author: Mike Antonick
ISBN: 0-7603-2446-8
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A Corvette classic, the "Black Book" is highly regarded by Corvette aficionados. Information included: production numbers, option descriptions and quantities, VIN and serial number sequences for major components along with a brief rundown of significant developments. An excellent research tool that is updated regularly.

Title: Corvette C3 Buyer's Guide 1968-1982
Author: Richard Prince
ISBN: 0760316554
Corvette C3 1968-1982 Buyer's Guide

Knowledgeable and in-depth, the "Corvette C3 Buyer's Guide 1968-1982" is a must read for anyone considering the purchase of a C3 Corvette. Each year is covered in detail, with common problem areas and parts cost well covered. Don't go C3 shopping without it!

Title: Corvette C6
Author: Phil Berg
ISBN: 0-7603-1865-4
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Corvette C6 coverage is excellent with superb photography and development details. The production line is also visited, including a comparison with the Cadillac XLR which shares the Bowling Green assembly plant. Styling sketches and photos of preliminary designs give 'vette fans a glimpse of what almost was.

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Tommy Mallorysays...

You do not have my favorite book listed. "Corvette Stories from the Backbone of America"

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