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1961 Corvette: Styling Future

1961 Chevrolet Corvette C1 Style Update
From the 1961 Corvette brochure:


Take a classic sports car. Give it tasteful new styling. That's Corvette in 1961. Starting with the sleek rear deck, it's clean, uncluttered. From this point forward, it becomes obvious this new Corvette was designed to be driven. No matter what the occasion - black tie or tennis shoes - Corvette is appropriate. If you're an enthusiastic rallyist, an about-towner, a countryside explorer or all three, Corvette matches your mood.

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Corvette styling was substantially upgraded in 1961. Although enthusiasts at the time did not know it, they were being given a sneak peak of things to come. The rear would carry over to 1963, which would be a pivotal year in Corvette history. The "ducktail" design (below) of the 1961 (and '62) would be known as "transitional" years. The exhaust now exited below the body and not via an opening in the bumper as in previous years. The four round tail lights was the start of a Corvette tradition that would continue for more than 50 years.
1961 Chevrolet Corvette C1, rear view 1961 Corvette, rear view - brochure image
1961 Corvette in Roman Red

1961 Corvette For Sale

Price: $45,000 obo
Exterior: Jewel blue
Interior: Jewel Blue
Miles: 75,000
Location: olympia,wa

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1961 numbers matching 230hp power glide car- it has a removable hardtop, jewel blue with blue interior car (more)

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Below, left: Body colored headlight bezels began to replace the chrome of 1960. Right: The Corvette style was softened somewhat by the removal of the "teeth" in the grill.
1961 Corvette headlight bezel 1961 Corvette front grille
Other changes for 1961: Sun visors, an aluminum radiator, parking brake warning lamp, interior lights and the windshield washer were standard equipment. The four speed transmission featured an aluminum case.
1961 Corvette Trunk Emblem 1961 Corvette Heater Radio
1961 Corvette in Roman Red 1961 Corvette in Roman Red

1961 Corvette Options, Prices

RPO Description Production Price
101 Heater 10,671 (97.55%) $102.25
102 AM Radio, Signal Seeking 9,316 (85.16%) $137.75
1408 Blackwall Tires, 6.70x15 nylon n/a $15.75
1625 24 Gallon Fuel Tank n/a $161.40
242 Positive Crankcase Ventilation n/a $5.40
276 Wheels, 15x5.5 (5) 337 (3.08%) n/a
290 Whitewall Tires, 6.70x15 9,780 (89.40%) $31.55
313 Powerglide Automatic Transmission 1,458 (13.33%) $199.10
353 283 cu. in. 275 hp fuel injected Engine 118 (1.08%) $484.20
354 283 cu. in. 315 hp fuel injected Engine 1,462 (13.37%) $484.20
419 Auxiliary Hardtop 5,680 (51.92%) $236.75
426 Power Windows 698 (6.38%) $59.20
440 Two-Tone Exterior Paint 3,351 (30.63%) $16.15
468 283ci, 270hp Engine (2x4 carburetors) 2,827 (25.84%) $182.95
469 283ci, 245hp Engine (2x4 carburetors) 1,175 (10.74%) $150.65
473 Power Operated Folding Top 442 (4.04%) $161.40
675 Positraction Rear Axle 6,915 (63.21%) $43.05
685 4-Speed Manual Transmission 7,013 (64.11%) $188.30
686 Metallic Brakes 1,402 (12.82%) $37.70
687 Heavy Duty Brakes and Suspension 233 (2.13%) $333.60

Total Production: 10,939
Convertible: 10,939 (100.00%)

Notes: Base Corvette with 283 cu. in. 230 hp engine and three speed manual transmission: $3,934.00.


Code Exterior Quantity Interior Soft Top Wheels
Tuxedo Black 1,340 (12.25%) Blue / Black / Fawn / Red Black / White Black
Ermine White 3,178 (29.05%) Blue / Black / Fawn / Red Black / White White
Roman Red 1,794 (16.40%) Black / Red Black / White Red
Sateen Silver 747 (6.83%) Blue / Black / Red Black / White Silver
Jewel Blue 855 (7.82%) Blue / Black Black / White Blue
Fawn Beige 1,363 (12.46%) Black / Fawn / Red Black / White Beige
Honduras Maroon 1,645 (15.04%) Black / Fawn Black / White Maroon

Notes: 1961 was the only year Jewel Blue interiors were available.

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Background to the 61 Corvette tail and the 63 Sting Ray rear end design.

You should look at a car called the "Victress C2 Coupe", designed in 1953 by Merrill Powell and fisrt sold in 1954 by the Victress Car Company in L.A.

The tail of the 61 Vette including the rear wheel arches are a direct copy of the 'Victress C2'.

The tail of the 61 Vette including the rear wheel arches are a direct copy of the C2 and was continued
into the Sting Ray.

Give credit where credit is due.

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