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Corvette Moray
What would happen if the Italians were to design a Corvette AND make it look like a Corvette? The answer is the Corvette Moray. (more)
Corvette Moray

EX-122: The Original
First displayed on January 17, 1953, EX 122 can be said to be the first Corvette that America fell in love with. It is undeniably the oldest Corvette in existence and serves as a reminder of how far the Corvette has come as well as a great piece of automotive history. (more)
Corvette EX 122

1959 Sting Ray Racer
More than just a very successful race car, the 1959 Sting Ray Racer foretold the future of Corvette styling. (more)
1959 Sting Ray Racer

Harley Earl's 1963 Customized Corvette
Harley Earl is a automotive design legend and was instrumental towards making the Corvette a reality. Read about his retirement present from GM - a very customized 1963 roadster. (more)
Harley Earl's 1963 Corvette Roadster

2020 Corvette C8

Corvette Spotter for the iPhone-txt
Introducing the Vette Spotter app for the iPhone.

The Vette Spotter app can identify the year of any Corvette.

All years and generations are covered, from 1953 to 2014. Over 350 photographs and detailed text are included.


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