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Americans do love their Corvettes.

They are uniquely American, with a flair, value and competitive spirit that is unequaled in the automotive world. The qualities that have endeared the Corvette is that it has always been the best at whatever it does and accomplishes that task with confidence, flair and at least a medium dose of arrogance. Corvettes excel everywhere: on the racetrack, as a styling tour de force, a boulevard cruiser or simply providing their owners with a magnificent driving experience.

WebCars! presents "The Corvette Story" for the car enthusiast who wants to know more about this amazing American icon. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we did creating it.

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Paul Pollock
WebCars! Webmaster

How the Corvette came to be.

Select your favorite year Corvette!

C1, C2 etc. Delegating the Corvette ancestry.
WebCars! art director Steve Sego tells us what does and does not look good on a Corvette.
More Corvette info.
How to spot the year of a Corvette.
All Corvettes are special, but some are more special.
Go-Fast Statistics.
The Exotic Corvette.
More Corvette images.

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An in depth look at owning a 1968 Corvette.

How to get the best Corvette Images.

Corvette definitions.
Celebrating the millionth Corvette.
Considering a classic Corvette purchase? Here's a brief rundown of your choices.
What you need to know while shopping for an older Corvette.
Making your walls happy.

Corvette add-ons, all the years.

Test your Corvette smarts.