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1958 Corvette: A New Look

Vette Day -- 1958 Corvette by Roger Hector

"Vette Day" by Roger Hector. Purchasing info is available at RogerHector.com

1958 Corvette, Signet Red
1958 Corvette fender The 1950s were heady times for American automobile stylists, with bold, sometimes even outrageous designs appearing every year for a given model. Corvette stylists got a break however, with a new design required only once every two years.

The 1958 Corvette was redesigned mostly in the front, with the most distinguishing feature being the four headlights (below). Popular for the era, they were emphasized by a long chrome trim piece (right) that ran the length of the fender.

The new style, credited to Harley Earl, had a more aggressive, almost mean look to it. It was also physically larger, increasing width by 2.3" (to 72.8") and length by 9.2" to 177.2". Also up was the weight, by approximately 100 lbs., with a corresponding performance penalty. Radius rods were added to the rear suspension, which cured some behavioral problems under hard acceleration.

1958 Corvette Front Grill, Quad Headlights

1958 Corvette For Sale

1958 Corvette Roman Red, Black
Price: $55,000
Exterior: 0
Interior: 0
Miles: 0
Location: Costa Mesa, CA

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1958 Corvette VIN J58S105799 NOM 350/300 hp. 5 speed manual transmission. Power steering. Detailed engine compartment (more)

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1958 Corvette washboard style hood 1958 Corvette trunk spears
Left: 1958 Corvette hood, with non-functional louvres. It was affectionately known as the "washboard hood". Right: The trunk featured two spears (nicknamed "suspenders") that ran the length of the panel. Both items identify the cars as 1958 Corvettes as they were not used on any other year.

Below: The 1958 grill was similar to the previous five years, except that the number of vertical bars (known as "blades" or "teeth") went from 13 to nine. The two grill areas to the sides may appear to be ducting cool air to the brakes, but were actually blocked off.

1958 Corvette grill

1958 Corvette Dashboard The Corvette office area got an upgrade, and not a moment too soon. All the instruments (except the clock) were placed in front of the driver, allowing him/her to use them while still paying attention to the important business: driving. Most prominent was the all-important 6,000 RPM* tachometer. The refined layout drew rave reviews from buyers. The center console housed the clock, heater controls and optional radio.

*270 hp, 290 hp engine tachometers read to 8,000 RPM.

Below: A "grab bar" was installed for the benefit of the passenger, which was probably often appreciated considering the Corvette's performance potential. GMs press material referred to it as an "Assist Bar" for the passengers but detractors referred to it as the "sissy bar".
1958 Corvette Grab Bar

1958 Corvette Options, Prices

RPO Description Production Price
101 Heater 8,014 (87.41%) $95.85
102 AM Radio, Signal Seeking 6,142 (66.99%) $144.45
107 Parking Brake Alarm 2,883 (31.45%) $5.40
108 Courtesy Light 4,600 (50.17%) $6.50
109 Windshield Washers 3,384 (36.91%) $16.15
276 Wheels, 15x5.5 (5) 404 (4.41%) n/a
290 Whitewall Tires, 6.70x15 7,428 (81.02%) $31.55
313 Powerglide Automatic Transmission 2,057 (22.44%) $188.30
419 Auxiliary Hardtop 5,607 (61.16%) $215.20
426 Power Windows 649 (7.08%) $59.20
440 Two-Tone Paint Combinatio 3,422 (37.33%) $16.15
469 283 cu. in. 245 hp Engine two 4 bbl. carburetors 2,436 (26.57%) $150.65
469C 283 cu. in. 270 hp Engine two 4 bbl. carburetors 978 (10.67%) $182.95
473 Power Operated Folding Top 1,090 (11.89%) $139.90
579 283 cu. in. 250 hp fuel injected Engine 504 (5.50%) $484.20
579D 283 cu. in. 290 hp fuel injected Engine 1,007 (10.98%) $484.20
677 Positraction Rear Axle, 3.70:1 1,123 (12.25%) $48.45
678 Positraction Rear Axle, 4.11:1 2,518 (27.47%) $48.45
679 Positraction Rear Axle, 4.56:1 370 (4.04%) $48.45
684 Heavy Duty Brakes and Suspension 144 (1.57%) $780.10
685 4-Speed Manual Transmission 3,764 (41.06%) $215.20

Total Production: 9,168
Convertible: 9,168 (100.00%)

Notes: Base Corvette with 283 cu. in. 230 hp engine and three speed manual transmission: $3,591.00


Code Exterior Quantity Interior Soft Top Wheels
Charcoal 1,631 (17.79%) Beige / Charcoal / Red Black / White Silver
Snowcrest White 2,477 (27.02%) Beige / Charcoal / Red Black / White / Beige Silver
Silver Blue 2,006 (21.88%) Beige / Charcoal Beige / White Silver
Regal Turquoise 510 (5.56%) Charcoal Black / White Silver
Panama Yellow 455 (4.96%) Charcoal Black / White Silver
Signet Red 1,399 (15.26%) Charcoal / Red Black / White Silver
Tuxedo Black 493 (5.38%) Charcoal / Red Black / White Silver
Inca Silver 193 (2.11%) Charcoal / Red Black / White Silver
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My first corvette was a 1960. It was in 1970 that I bought it. the original 283 was replaced with a 327 350 hp. It had a hole cut in the hood to make clearance for the 750 holly that sat on the high rise intake. It was a 4 speed . it had the hardtop. I replaced the carb with an original and replaced the hood with an original. I bought a convertible top frame for it too. It was a work in progress, but, I started having electrical problems with it. so, I parked it and for a couple years then sold it back to guy I bought from. My wife bought a 1961 convertible 283 ,3 speed. We drove it for a couple years and sold it.
My first Vette. Great when you are 21 years old. Now that I am a lot oder they are were not as the same as newer moldes.

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