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Corvette Generations Explained

1953 - 1962

1954 Corvette 1957 Corvette 1961 Corvette
1962 Corvette rear view The first generation of Corvettes are affectionately known as "Straight Axle" Corvettes, in reference to their simple rear suspension arrangement. Although the chassis remained essentially the same, there were distinct body styles. The 1953 - '54 (left) had the rocket tail lights and the headlights set in the fender with a fashionable stone guard. The 1956 - '57 introduced the Cove as a styling element. The design was stepped up a notch with the quad headlight treatment in 1958 (above right). 1961 and 1962 were the transitional years, (right) in which the rear of the upcoming C2 convertible body was used.

1963 - 1967

1964 Corvette
Also known as the "mid year" Corvettes, the C2 is probably the most sought after Corvette. They were the first to use an independent rear suspension (see The Chassis) and featured one of the most admired body styles in the history of performance automobiles.

1968 - 1982

C3 Corvette
Although the C3 was a new body style, the chassis was inherited from the C2. The new body set the standard for Corvettes for many years to come. The subsequent generations of Corvette would have a strong resemblance to the C3, all the way to the C7 introduced in 2014.

1983 - 1996

1984 Corvette drawings
When introduced in 1983 as a 1984 model, the C4 Corvette was an all new body style and chassis. The front was given a styling update and the rear bumper was changed from concave to a convex shape in 1991.

1997 - 2004

C5 Corvette
The C5 continued the styling theme introduced with the C3. It was the first Corvette that featured an all new body style, chassis and drivetrain.

2005 - 2013

2005 Corvette C6

The C6 was not a major change especially when compared to the C5; some of the Corvette faithful thought that C5.5 would have been a more accurate designation.

2014 - 2019

The C7 was a major upgrade; the body, chassis and engine were all new for 2014.

2014-Corvette-convertible-DSC_0334B_a 2014-Corvette-convertible-DSC_0334B_a

2020 - ?

The C8 generation introduced the mid engine Corvette.
2020 Chevrolet Corvette C8 in Torch Red
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Comments (5)

That is history. Wow how I loved those cars in the 90s
I just purchased my first Corvette as a 'happy retirement to me' present. It is a 1992 convertible in 'cherry' condition, less than 50,000 miles. As I am now researching to gather more information on the C-4 generation, this website is chock-full of information.
Lots of good information here!
I have a 75 coupe deluxe int/pwr st/4spd. I've owned it since 85. Is it possible Chevy fudged the hp rating of 165? I have oversized tires and still get chirp in 4th. Recently I've taken all the pollution off, added Holly 650 Avenger, high rise intake, Thumper cam kit, headers, serpentine belt & bigger radiator. New paint, adding a stinger hood, all new interior. Next week it goes on the dyno. I'm curious what the hp will be now..
If the hp was truly 165, I'll know what I've gained.
hi I heard I can get a birth certificate for my corvette how can I get this?

Not sure what you mean when you say \\\\\\\"birth certificate\\\\\\\".

There is the build sheet which came with C2 (starting in 1967, maybe 1966) and C3 Corvettes which are also known as tank stickers since they were located on the gas tank.

There is also the build sheet, which starts with 1981 Corvettes. They are available from the National Corvette Museum, see https://webservices.corvettemuseum.org/services/buildsheet.asp

You may be thinking of the Shipping Data Report Service from the NCRS, see http://web-cars.com/corvette/1968-Corvette-upclose-11.php for more information.
Pretty! Thiss hass been a really wonderful article. Thank
you forr providing this information.

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