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1984 C4 Corvette - GM Photograph


The C3 Corvette was an unqualified success. The public had accepted the new body style and responded by pushing sales volume to the 40,000 / year level in six of the last seven years of production. The Corvette had established itself as the technological flagship of the GM lineup. But the last significantly new Corvette chassis was introduced in 1963, more than 20 years earlier. To stay on top, a new generation Corvette was needed.

Chevrolet had been teasing car enthusiasts throughout the '80s with all sorts of exotic Corvette prototypes and show cars. Radical design features included rotary engines, mid-engine drivetrain layouts and even gullwing doors. The rotary engines had fuel economy woes and other technical issues and the mid-engine Corvettes presented storage space problems. David McLellan was the new Corvette Chief Engineer and he brought with him solid engineering sensibilities. The decisions regarding the new Corvette were his and when the new generation was finally introduced to the public, a conservative direction was taken. The C4 Corvette featured a front engine V8, the same layout since 1955.

1984 Corvette
The new C4 was penned by Design Chief Jerry Palmer. The goal was to keep the Corvette identity, which they did. The new car was unmistakably a Corvette. The rear view actually was similar to the 1968 - 1973 models as opposed to the 1974 and later years when the federally mandated bumper protruded outward. Technology had advanced over the ten years the regulations were in effect and designers were in a better position to design what they wanted. The four round tail lights - a significant Corvette styling cue - were still prominent.

1984 Corvette For Sale

'84 Corvette cpe, 4spd, 85k mi
Price: $8,500 obo
Exterior: silver
Interior: charcoal
Miles: 85,000
Location: Lynn, Ma.

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1984 Corvette drawings
One styling cue that disappeared was the "Coke Bottle" effect of the C3 Corvettes. This refers to the pinched in passenger area, similar to the shape of the classic Coke bottle. It looked awesome but many complained of a too limited interior space. Smoothing the sides gave a whopping 6½ inches more shoulder room.

Much of the extra interior room went towards a larger center console. The area below the center tunnel was used to route exhaust plumbing, driveshaft, catalytic convertor, etc. This meant that the floor could be lowered by two inches. Ground clearance was 5¼ inches (¼ inch more than the C3) so the designers were able to incorporate more headroom along with lowering the roofline by about an inch, which improved aerodynamics. The overall length was 8½ inches less than the C3.
1984 Corvette newspaper image
Newspaper Mat Service illustration from GM shows wheels that were never available on the C4 Corvette.

1984 Corvette Options, Prices

RPO Description Production Price
AG9 Power Driver Seat 48,702 (94.48%) $210.00
AQ9 Sports Seats, cloth 4,003 (7.77%) $625.00
AR9 Base Seats , leather 40,568 (78.70%) $400.00
AU3 Power Door Locks 49,545 (96.12%) $165.00
CC3 Removable Transparent Roof Panel 15,767 (30.59%) $595.00
D84 Two-Tone Paint 8,755 (16.98%) $428.00
FG3 Delco-Bilstein Shock Absorbers 3,729 (7.23%) $189.00
G92 Performance Axle Ratio 410 (0.80%) $22.00
K34 Cruise Control 49,832 (96.67%) $185.00
KC4 Engine Oil Cooler 4,295 (8.33%) $158.00
MM4 4-Speed Manual Transmission 6,443 (12.50%) $0.00
QZD P255/50VR16 Tires / 16 inch Wheels 51,547 (100.00%) $561.20
UL5 Radio Delete 104 (0.20%) $-331.00
UM6 AM-FM Stereo Cassette 6,689 (12.98%) $153.00
UN8 AM-FM Stereo, Citizens Band 178 (0.35%) $215.00
UU8 Stereo System, Delco-Bose 43,607 (84.60%) $895.00
V01 Heavy-Duty Radiator 12,008 (23.30%) $57.00
YF5 California Emission Requirements 6,833 (13.26%) $75.00
Z51 Performance Handling Package 25,995 (50.43%) $600.20
Z6A Rear Window + Side Mirror Defoggers 47,680 (92.50%) $160.00

Total Production: 51,547
Coupe: 51,547 (100.00%)

Notes: Base Corvette Coupe with 350 cu. in. 205 hp engine with automatic transmission: $21,800.00.


Code Exterior Quantity Interior Wheels
10 White 6,416 (12.45%) Carmine / Bronze / Graphite / Medium Blue / Medium Grey / Saddle Alloy
16 Bright Silver Metallic 3,109 (6.03%) Graphite / Medium Gray Alloy
16 / 18 Silver / Medium Gray 3,629 (7.04%) Graphite / Medium Gray Alloy
18 Medium Gray Metallic 3,147 (6.11%) Graphite / Medium Gray Alloy
19 Black 7,906 (15.34%) Carmine / Graphite / Medium Gray / Saddle Alloy
20 Light Blue Metallic 1,196 (2.32%) Medium Blue Alloy
20 / 23 Light Blue / Medium Blue 1,433 (2.78%) Medium Blue Alloy
23 Medium Blue Metallic 1,822 (3.53%) Medium Blue Alloy
35 Yellow 1 (0.00%) Graphite Alloy
53 Gold Metallic 2,430 (4.71%) Saddle Alloy
63 Light Bronze Metallic 2,452 (4.76%) Bronze Alloy
63 / 66 Light Bronze / Dark Bronz 3,693 (7.16%) Bronze Alloy
66 Dark Bronze Metallic 1,371 (2.66%) Bronze Alloy
72 Bright Red 12,942 (25.11%) Graphite / Saddle Alloy

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would a 1984 corvette 4 speed with an auto over drive trany fit in a 1970 chevelle

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