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Last of the Chrome Bumper Corvettes

1972 Corvette 427 engine in Classic White
Take a good look at the 1972 Corvette, as it would be the last year that chrome bumpers would appear in the front. The 1972 Corvette saw few changes over the 1971 model. Updates included:
  • The fiber optics light monitoring system was dropped. Although ingenious and simple, some thought of it as a gimmick.
  • A horn sounding alarm was part of the base price.
  • Although the LS5 454 cu. in. big block was listed on the options sheet, it was not available to California buyers. This was the start of an unfortunate trend where Golden State residents were shut out of some power train choices due to the state's more stringent smog regulations.
1972 Corvette 454 big block motor
The 454 cu. in. "big block" motor was rated at 270 hp. This may seem like a big reduction over the 1971 rating of 365 hp, but there is an explanation. Standards for measuring horsepower came into effect in 1972 and they better reflected real world conditions. Inclusion of air cleaners, accessories, stock exhaust systems along with measurement standards brought some sanity and consistency to the process.
1972 Corvette Engine Specifications Plate
The engine specifications plate was changed for 1972 and only included the cubic inch displacement, compression ratio and torque. 1969 through 1971 plates also included the horsepower figure. It's possible that the lowered horsepower, due mostly to a change in the measuring standards, was behind the update.

The Last of the LT-1 Engines

1972 Corvette Coupe in Pewter Silver with LT-1 Engine
1970 Chevrolet Corvette LT1 Engine Right: 1972 was the last year for the much admired LT-1 engine. It debuted in 1970 and featured solid lifters, 11.0:1 compression ratio and 370 horsepower.

The engine statistics changed in subsequent model years, with the compression ratio reduced to 9.0:1 in 1971. 1971 featured 330 horsepower @ 5,600 RPM.

1970 also featured a 9.0:1 compression ratio but the horsepower rating was reduced to 255 @ 5,600 RPM.

197 -Corvette LT-1 Hood Decal

1972 Corvette
1972 Corvette
1972 Corvette

1972 Corvette Stingray For Sale

1972 Corvette Stingray
Price: $9,800 obo (Trades Considered)
Exterior: black
Interior: Black
Miles: 10,000
Location: Pueblo Co

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1972 Corvette Stingray matching num. vette has over 100 thousand miles Iam sure it has had work done it is automatic interior in good shape one kick panel broke am,fm casette t-tops last year with crome bumpers and back window that comes out new tires with rally wheels new brakes calipers rotors it is matt black was original yellow the headlight doors dont open and the wipers dont work think it is a vacum problem no rust underneath call 719-778-4664 (more)

Corvette For Sale Banner

1972 Corvette, brochure illustration
GM brochure courtesy Skip Marketti of The Nethercutt Collection
1972 Corvette official GM photo
1972 Corvette: Official GM Photo.

1971 Corvette Options, Prices

RPO Description Production Price
Custom Interior Trim 8,709 (32.25%) $158.00
A31 Power Windows 9,495 (35.16%) $85.35
A85 Custom Shoulder Belts (standard with coupe) 749 (2.77%) $42.15
AV3 Three Point Seat Belts 17,693 (65.52%) n/a
C07 Auxiliary Hardtop (for convertible) 2,646 (9.80%) $273.85
C08 Vinyl Covering (for auxiliary hardtop) 811 (3.00%) $158.00
C50 Rear Window Defroster 2,221 (8.22%) $42.15
C60 Air Conditioning 17,011 (62.99%) $464.50
J50 Power Brakes 18,770 (69.51%) $47.40
K19 Air Injection Reactor 3,912 (14.49%) n/a
LS5 454 cu. in. 270hp Engine (n/a California) 3,913 (14.49%) $294.90
LT1 350 cu. in. 255hp Engine 1,741 (6.45%) $483.45
M21 4-Speed Manual Transmission, close ratio 1,638 (6.07%) n/a
M40 Turbo Hydra-Matic Automatic Transmission 14,543 (53.85%) n/a
N37 Tilt-Telescopic Steering Column 12,992 (48.11%) $84.30
N40 Power Steering 23,794 (88.11%) $115.90
P02 Deluxe Wheel Covers 3,593 (13.31%) $63.20
PT7 White Stripe Tires, F70x15, nylon 6,666 (24.69%) $30.35
PU9 White Letter Tires, F70x15, nylon 16,623 (61.56%) $43.65
T60 Heavy Duty Battery (standard with LS5) 2,969 (10.99%) $15.80
U69 AM-FM Radio 19,480 (72.14%) $178.00
U79 AM-FM Radio, stereo 7,189 (26.62%) $283.35
YF5 California Emission Test 1,967 (7.28%) $15.80
ZQ1 Optional Rear Axle Ratio 1,986 (7.35%) $12.65
ZR1 Special Purpose LT1 Engine Package 20 (0.07%) $1,010.05

Total Production: 27,004
Coupe: 20,496 (75.90%)
Convertible: 6,508 (24.10%)

Notes: Base Corvette Coupe with 350 cu. in. 200 hp engine and wide ratio four speed manual transmission: $5,533.00.
Base Corvette Convertible with 350 cu. in. 200 hp engine and wide ratio four speed manual transmission: $5,296.00.
Note: New standards for measuring horsepower came into effect which explains the sudden decrease in rated engine output.


Code Exterior Quantity Interior Soft Top Wheels
912 Sunflower Yellow 1,543 (5.71%) Black / Saddle Black / White Silver
924 Pewter Silver 1,372 (5.08%) Blue / Black / Red / Saddle Black / White Silver
945 Bryar Blue 1,617 (5.99%) Black Black / White Silver
946 Elkhart Green 4,200 (15.55%) Black / Saddle Black / White Silver
972 Classic White 2,763 (10.23%) Blue / Black / Red / Saddle Black / White Silver
973 Mille Miglia Red 2,478 (9.18%) Black / Red / Saddle Black / White Silver
979 Targa Blue 3,198 (11.84%) Blue / Black Black / White Silver
987 Ontario Orange 4,891 (18.11%) Black / Saddle Black / White Silver
988 Steel Cities Gray 2,346 (8.69%) Black / Red / Saddle Black / White Silver
989 War Bonnet Yellow 2,550 (9.44%) Black / Saddle Black / White Silver

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Gianguido D 'Anna(Firenze, Tuscany, Italy)says...

Hallo everybody,

last Xmas my wife gave for present the dream of my life: a '71 Corvette.... I'm still in Heaven and i'm still waiting and looking forward to cruise with my new love because she's still in Toronto ( my wife is canadian), but i'm confused:my brother in law told to me she has alluminum heads but also the " smmall block engine", not the LS5 or LS6...Is it possible??? according with i read it's impossible....Anybody can give any explications about it????

Best Regards,

Gianguiodo D'Anna.

Dennis D'Amico(York, South Carolina, US)says...

If the car has the base engine it has cast iron heads. If it has the LT1 option it has aluminum heads. Both are considered Small Block engines which differs from the option LS5 which is the Big Block. To determine what options you have go online to the web site below and use the serial number of the car to determine the original options. Hope this helps. Ciao


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