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1954 Chevrolet Corvette Brochure

1954 Corvette Brochure
1954 Corvette Brochure cover
GM brochures courtesy Skip Marketti of The Nethercutt Collection
1954 Corvette Brochure illustration

Brochure Text:

Since its introduction in January 1953 as an experimental "dream car," the revolutionary Chevrolet Corvette -- equipped with Chevrolet's famous Powerglide Automatic Transmission -- has been thoroughly proved by thousands of miles of strenuous testing, and now is being produced in limited numbers. Sensational in styling and performance, it sets the standard for a coming field -- THE AMERICAN SPORTS CAR. Designed exclusively for sports-loving, fun-loving people, it combines the graceful silhouette, light weight, sparkling action, and a free-as-a-breeze companionship of the true sports car with the comforts, conveniences, and riding qualities that are expected in an automobile today. It's real fun to drive a Chevrolet Corvette.
1954 Corvette Brochure

1954 Corvette Brochure - chassis
GM brochure courtesy Skip Marketti of The Nethercutt Collection
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  1. ENGINE -- 150-h.p., high compression, 6-cylinder, valve-in-head engine with triple side-draft carburetors.
  2. EXHAUST SYSTEM--Dual, exhausting through two ports in rear of body.
  3. TRANSMISSION--Powerglide Automatic Transmission
  4. REAR AXLE--3.55 to 1 ratio hypoid axle. Hotchkiss drive.
  5. FRONT SUSPENSION--Knee Action with direct double-acting shock absorbers and ride stabilizer.
  6. REAR SUSPENSION--Outrigger-mounted, 2" x 52", 4-leaf springs; direct double acting shock absorbers.
  7. FRAME--X-braced Box Girder frame.
  8. STEERING--Full anti-friction gear; 16 to 1 ratio. Center-Point linkage.
  9. BRAKES--Hydraulic, 4-wheel, 11", self-energizing brakes with bonded linings. Mechanical parking brakes.
  10. TIRES--6.70-15. White Sidewalls.

1954 Corvette brochure
1954 Corvette brochure
1954 Corvette brochure
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1954 was a great year for Corvettes, don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

My friend recommended this blog and he was totally right keep up the fantastic work!

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