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2005 Corvette C6 Design

2005 Corvette
C6 Corvette hood C3 Corvette hood
Tom Peters, the C6 stylist, stepped back to the past on a few areas of the C6 design. The C6 hood (above left) has some things in common with the C3 hood (above right), including the power bulge, the high-acreage look and the pointed nose.

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2005 Corvette C6 Fenders: Tradition Calls

Below: note the similarity of the crease in the C6 front fender (middle) with the C2 (left) and the C3 (right). Research clinics disapproved of earlier C6 concepts that included sharper creases.
C3 Corvette fender C6 Corvette fender C2 Corvette fender

2005 Corvette C6 Coves: A Nod to the Past

2005 Corvette coves
Above: Coves, the ever popular design element from 1955 - '62, had made a return of sorts on the C5 Corvette and was back by popular demand on the C6.

Corvette C6 Design Sketches

Corvette C6 design sketches
Observe the impractically low roofline. Designers can go a bit crazy when equipped with pencils and paper. People sometimes ask "Why don't the cars we buy look like the drawings?". The answer is: Be glad they don't.
Corvette C6 theme sketch

Corvette C6 Aerodynamics: Wind Cheating Horsepower

2005 C6 Corvette, rear view
The rear view of the C6 was much like the C5 with the edges sharpened up some. The large butt translates into a more aerodynamic shape as seen in wind tunnel tests. It is also one of the styling cues that was reminiscent of the 1968 C3 'vette; have your imagination add chrome bumpers and with the round tail lights the similarity is obvious.
Clay mockup of Corvette C6 C6 Corvette poses inside of GM wind tunnel
Left: The C6 Corvette takes shape in the studio as a clay sculpture. Right: The C6 in the wind tunnel. According to GM, 400 hours of wind tunnel work went into the design. The efforts paid off as the C6 had a Cd (Coefficient of drag) of .286, lower than the C5 which previously was the most aerodynamic car manufactured in quantity by GM.

The importance of aerodynamics in a performance car cannot be ignored. It does more than improve fuel economy; think of it also as free horsepower.

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