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Corvette C8 Chassis

2020 C8 Corvette mid engine design
Possibly the most significant change, once you get past the new mid-engine location for the C8 Corvette, is the four coil springs used for suspending the chassis. Corvettes have always featured leaf springs starting with two in the rear for the C1 generation as was the state of automotive technology in the 1950s. For the C2 and C3, a transverse rear spring (below) was used in the rear suspension. The concept worked well and was extended to the front suspension in the C4 through C7 Corvettes. Advantages included low unsprung weight (which improves handling) and lower cost, contributing to the Corvette's excellent performance for the buck reputation. Packaging constraints prevented using the transverse leaf springs on the C8.
Corvette C8 Front Spring Corvette C8 Rear Spring
Above: The front (left) and rear springs. Below: Transverse rear spring on an early C3 Corvette.
Corvette C2 C3 Rear Suspension Transverse Spring

Corvette C8 Engine Cooling Front Corvette C8 Engine Cooling Front Intake
Above: the left and right C8 engine radiators. The mid-engine layout on the C8 posed numerous engineering challenges, one of which is engine cooling. Some mid engine designs - notably those from Ferrari - positioned the radiators and their air intake behind the passengers and near the engine itself. The C8 designers positioned them up front. Below: The front portion of the routing for the coolant to the engine. Note the hoses run down the center of the chassis.
Corvette C8 Coolant Routing

2020 Corvette C8 Right Hand Drive steering column chassis hole
Good news for Japan, United Kingdom, Australia India and other countries that drive on the left side of the road: A right hand drive Corvette will be available. The C8 chassis was designed from the beginning to be right hand drive capable. Note the hole in the chassis above (in red) that can accommodate a right hand drive steering column. While there are right hand drive Corvettes, they have all been expensive custom adaptations. The C8 will be the first factory sourced right hand drive Corvette.

Corvette C8 Chassis Buttressing Corvette C8 Chassis Buttressing
There's some interesting reinforcements going in the C8 chassis. It appears to be parts made of a metal alloy using injection molding. The cylindrical columns are where the alloy is injected into the mold. There is some interesting structural science in play, no doubt computer generated.
Corvette C8 Chassis Front Shock Tower Mounts Corvette C8 Chassis Rear Shock Tower Mounts
Above: The front (left) and rear shock absorber tower mounts, which also feature cool buttressing and look to be similarly injection molded.

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Comments (3)

(Beavercreek Twp., Ohio, US)says...


Corvette Story Webmaster(California, US)says...

Hi Felippe:

Thank you for your comment, but I will disagree. Corvettes typically have not had a real mid-front configuration.

I to am disappointed at the lack of a manual transmission but there is some justification. Also, they were never practical and are being made with traditional Corvette materials.


Felippe(São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil)says...

It always was mid engine, never heard about mid-front? Until 2019 it was too 50-50, and now is 40-60.

I really can't see the advantage: Don't drive as a Corvette anymore, don't looks like a Corvette, don't have the practicality of a Corvette, don't use the materials of a Corvette, don't have stick shift like every single Corvette and in the Z06 version don't even sounds like a Corvette anymore.

What is this? a Ferrari 458 replica that GM made and named a "Corvette"? This is just a mistake.

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