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By Paul Pollock

Something Different

1990 Corvette C4 Convertible in Bright Red

The technical term for this photo is "3/4 Front View". It's a popular car photo as it shows both the side and the front of the car. It's also quite common to the point of being a cliche.

Since nobody wants to be known as a cliche photographer, the solution is to do something different.

Although I'm not a fan of this photographic POV, if I was selling the car it is the shot I would use as the lead photo. I guess maybe my standards aren't that high.

1954 C1 Corvette - Pennant Blue with beige interior Speedometer Speedometer on a 1954 Pennant Blue with beige interior Corvette. You can often get a better perspective of interior details by angling to the side.

The secret here is to be adventurous. Some may disagree but I've often said that the best thing to happen to photography is the invention of the digital camera. The fact that we don't have to pay for film and processing allows us to experiment. Feel free to try different angles and approaches. This will result in a lot of bad photographs but who cares, just don't show them to anybody.

2014 C7 Corvette In Tunnel
I like this image of driving through a tunnel, although it is more of a fine art photograph without much Corvette content. It is however different.
1966 Corvette C2 Big Block in Silver Pearl

I attended a Corvette gathering at the Petersen Museum and got these shots by hanging out above the parking lot exit. It was like taking candy from a baby*.

*Have you ever tried doing that? It's not easy.

1965 Corvette C2 Coupe in Milano Maroon
1966 Corvette C2 Hood Emblem
The emblem on the left front of the hood (exclusive to 1966) makes is quite photogenic. But I like it best with the hood open, giving it some depth.
2015 Chevrolet Corvette Windy Road
Most Corvette enthusiasts would rather be the driver than the passenger in a Corvette. But the driver can't (shouldn't) take photographs, such as this one showing the curvy road ahead. Just stick your camera above the windshield of a Corvette convertible with the top down and click away.
1963 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray C2 Split Window Coupe. Photo courtesy GM

Amongst the best looking cars ever created, the 1963 Split Window Coupe Corvette is the most appealing. It may also be the most photographed.

The above GM sourced photograph is a good but common image.

1963 Corvette C2 Split Window in Riverside Red

Above: I used a zoom lens to give this iconic split window some compression. Focal length is 135 mm or ~5.4x closer.

Below: Try getting creative with the angle you are presenting to your viewers. Go ahead with the usual 3/4 rear view as those photographs do have a place in the world. But also be different, you'll be glad you did.

1963 Corvette C2 Split Window Coupe
1957 Corvette C1 Fuel Injection
Engine photographs can be rewarding. What makes this 1957 fuel injected engine bay image, other than its superb cleanliness, is the raised "FIRING ORDER" label.
1990 Corvette C4 ZR-1 Engine
1990 ZR-1 engine bay holds special fondness and, in addition to its prodigious power output, looks good.
2014 Corvette C7 Headers
Modern Corvette engine bays do have their visual high points although you sometimes have to look for them. Above is the LT1 engine exhaust manifold and fuel injectors for the C7 Corvette.

On The Road

1967 Corvette C2 Coupe in Silver Pearl
One way to up your Corvette photo portfolio is to try some on the road photo sessions. You'll need at least a two lane road. The subject Corvette travels in the right lane at a constant speed. You'll be in the passenger seat of the photo car (convertibles work best) for the photography. The driver of the photo car will start with a rear view of the Corvette and slowly pass it while you do the shooting. In industry parlance, this is known as "hanging out".
1971 Corvette C3 Coupe in Nassau Blue
Try at least some of the shots with a longer shutter speed, say 1/60th of a second or more. You'll get some motion blur in the background which adds a visual speed factor to the photograph.
1971 Corvette C3 Coupe in Nassau Blue

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