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By Paul Pollock

Zoom Lens

The Photographers Best Friend

1957 Corvette C1 Fuel Injection in Inca Silver
Telephoto (or Zoom) lenses are the best friend to the lazy photographer. You’re walking along, see a nice car and just use your zoom lens to get close. No need to spend the extra effort to walk up to it! Example is a 1957 fuel injected, hardtop equipped in Inca Silver. Only 65 of this color were produced and should I win the lotto, this superbly restored and spectacular Corvette would be on the short list.
1966 Corvette C2 Rally Red Zoom Lens
What I like about telephoto lenses is the compression they give, which gives C2 Corvettes a shorter and more sinister look. Above: 34 mm.; below: 70mm.
1966 Corvette C1 Rally Red Zoom Lens

Location, Location, Location.

2011 Corvette Z06 Supersonic Blue Metallic
It matters both in real estate and Corvette photography. Notice the tire marks in the pavement, a great background for a Corvette. No, I didn't put them there, would've been fun though.
2009 Corvette Convertible Jetstream Blue
1996 Corvette Grand Sport Coupe
Theres a philosophy that says that cars should only be photographed in their natural habitat: on the road with pavement, concrete etc. I'm not 100% in agreement; we've all spent a lot of time with our Corvettes on the grass at car shows. This 1996 Grand Sport Coupe looks right to me just where it is and the marina background is ideal.
2015 Corvette C7 Atlantic Convertible
My favorite spot for Corvette photography is in Malibu CA. GPS coordinates: 34.088619,-118.839072 / 34°05'19.0"N 118°50'20.7"W (Google Maps). Being close to the ocean it is often cloudy with nicely diffused light.
2015 Corvette C7 Atlantic Convertible Malibu CA
2015 Corvette C7 Convertible Blade Silver
Another favorite location is a loading dock which somehow feeds into the Corvettes blue collar sensibilities. And they are common enough in your typical industrial neighborhood.
1966 Corvette C2 in Rally Red, San Diego CA
Although it's difficult to arrange, sailboats in the background is a great way to photograph a Corvette.
2014 C7 Corvette Willow Springs International Raceway
The ultimate background for a Corvette? A racetrack can work magic, as seen at Willow Springs International Raceway.
2014 C7 Corvette Willow Springs International Raceway
1978 25th Anniversary Corvette Special Edition

Be careful of people in your Corvette photograph. In the above photo the people around the 1978 25th anniversary Corvette are not paying attention to it. Your viewer won't want to either.

Below: Its a different situation as the people at the auction are focused on the car. Auction companies are good at generating excitement around their products and a savvy photographer can take advantage. And the fact that it's a Venetian Red 1957 Fuel Injected Corvette with hardtop makes it irresistible.

1957 Corvette C1 Fuel Injection Barrett Jackson

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